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American Tip Top Watch, Gold Overlay with Brown Strap

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A gift of art that will be rewarded with a smile, this watch with its unusual face is developed from an American “Tip-Top” wristwatch pictured in the Catalogue of Silverware, Clocks, and Art Novelties, an American trade catalogue published in 1932 by the E W Reynolds Company of Los Angeles, California. Tip Top watches were produced by the New Haven Clock Company of Connecticut from the 1920s. The company had begun production of wrist-watches in 1915.

The angled dial was originally advertised as a benefit for quick time-telling. But among its other virtues were its compensation for temperature changes. This stopped a watch from running faster when the weather was cold and slower when the weather was warm.

The New Haven Clock Company (1853 – 1960) was a very successful manufacturer of clocks and other timepieces. It was founded by Hiram Camp and a number of other horologists.

Watch: Quartz movement with 18K gold overlay case, brown leather strap and case of 1.5'' diameter.

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