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Amon-Re - Egyptian God

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An ornamental replica of the ancient Egyptian god Amon-Re.

This resin replica showcases a fragment of the original basalt statue of Amon-Re, discovered in the temple of Amon-Re in Karnak, dating back to approximately 1295-1069 BC. The piece features expressive facial details, including a braided beard, arched eyebrows, and a gently smiling mouth. Set on a marbled base, the smooth face is a serene portrayal of the deity.

Also known as Amun-Re, this deity was revered nationally by ancient Egyptians as the king of the gods. He was often depicted in human form, as seen in this replica, and was also frequently represented with the head or body of a ram. Amon-Re became the patron god of Thebes, which later became Egypt's capital, from the 20th century BC.

This beautiful and serene piece makes a wonderful gift for the home.

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Dimensions: H18.5 x W9 x L9cm 

See Amun-Re: The Divine Pillar of Egyptian Religion and Politics.