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Antinous of Bithynia- Bust

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This is a resin replica of a bust depicting Antinous, the lover of Emperor Hadrian. The replica has been crafted using a 3D print of a portrait head of Antinous, adorned with a wreath of ivy, symbolizing the Greek god Dionysus. The original bust is housed in the Ancient Greece and Rome collection at the British Museum.

The original head was discovered in 1770 embedded in a late antique wall on Rome's Gianicolo (Janiculum) hill, alongside other fragments of the statue.

Antinous, originally from Bithynia in northern Turkey, became Emperor Hadrian's lover during his reign (AD 117-138). Tragically, he drowned in the River Nile in AD 130. In his grief, Hadrian commissioned numerous busts and statues of his paramour, raising his status to that of a deity. The cult of Antinous spread widely across the Roman Empire, resulting in the creation of numerous sculptures. Today, Antinous is one of the most represented figures from classical antiquity, with countless statues created in his honour.

Archaeologists have meticulously defined the corpus of Antinous through comparisons with coin portraits, focusing on distinctive features such as his hairstyle, aquiline nose, and full lips.

This particular replica, created by ThinkSee3D, utilizes advanced 3D technology to faithfully reproduce the artifact without risking damage to the original. The process involves 3D scanning to create molds of the original objects, which are then cast and meticulously finished by artists using traditional techniques. 

An esteemed historical piece suitable for display on any mantelpiece or desk.

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3D-printed resin, H25 x W13 x L15

Weight: product 2.5Kg; postage 4.10Kg

See Antinous - from Eromenos to God.