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Antonia, Daughter of Mark Anthony - Bust

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A replica bust, originally thought to depict Antonia, believed to be the daughter of Mark Anthony and mother of the Roman Emperor Claudius, has been recreated. The Roman original, discovered near Naples, Italy, dates back to approximately 40-50 AD. The identity of the subject, a woman emerging from a cluster of leaves, sparked extensive debate among antiquarians in Charles Townley’s circle. Initially identified as Agrippina, the bust is also associated with Clytie, a nymph who loved the sun god Helios and was transformed into a sunflower. Contemporary scholars continue to debate the true identity and historical context of the bust.

The original bust is prominently featured in Johan Zoffany’s renowned painting of Charles Townley in his library and is currently housed in the British Museum.

This replica, inspired by ancient history, serves as a splendid adornment for any home.

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Material: Resin

Dimensions: H34 x W15 x L23cm

Product Weight: 5.4Kg   Postage Weight: 8.3Kg