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Aphrodite - Marriage Vase or Jug

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This terracotta oinochoe jug from Greece draws inspiration from an ancient Greek vase adorned with a depiction of Aphrodite. The original vase, now housed at the British Museum, dates back to the 4th century BC.

Handmade in Greece, this jug emulates the red-figure design of a lebes gamikos, a ceremonial vessel used in ancient Greek weddings. Originating from Campania, Southern Italy around 340-320 BC, the original lebes gamikos features intricate scenes: one side depicts a woman playfully engaging with a cat using a bird, attended by a servant, while the reverse showcases typical Greek decorative motifs such as swirling patterns and palmettes.

Aphrodite held great significance for young brides in ancient Greece, who often prayed to the goddess of love to bless their marriages or provide a suitable match, given their limited say in choosing a husband.

This jug not only serves as a homage to classical Greek art but also makes a splendid addition to any home decor for enthusiasts of ancient Greek craftsmanship.

See Seeking Divine Guidance: The Significance of Aphrodite's Worship for Young Brides in Ancient Greece

Product Information

Material:  Unglazed Pottery

Dimensions: H23.5 x W12.5cm

Postage Weight: 2.2Kg