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French Sculpture: Bartholdi - Statue of Liberty

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This is a gift of art that will have meaning to many. Although really a piece of French statuary, it is decidedly American now.

The Statute of Liberty was a gift, in 1886, from the French to America on the occasion of the American Republic’s 100th birthday. It may also have been inspired by the Union victory in the Civil War and the consequent abolition of slavery. And may have reflected the hope of the French for a similar system of government. Under Napoleon III, the French had returned to some of the bad old ways of the ancien régime.

The statue, whose French name can be translated as Liberty enlightening the World, may be viewed as a representation of Libertas, the Roman goddess of freedom. Lady Liberty wears a Roman robe. But she also represents a longing in the French psyche that was given voice in the Revolution: Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité! (Liberty, Equality, Brotherhood!)

To raise funds for the huge pedestal required, a number of bronzed terracotta replicas were produced for wealthy donors. These were not exact replicas of the 150-foot colossus. (From the ground to the top of the torch is just over 300 feet) This statuette is modeled on those terracotta replicas.

Hand patinated bonded bronze. 13.75'' Height x 5.5'' Wide x 5'' Depth.