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English Skeleton Watch

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A gift of art that resembles early horological pieces, this elegant watch is modelled on an eight-day skeleton clock now housed at The British Museum. The original was made by Adey B Savory & Sons of Cornhill, London sometime between 1855 and 1865. It was constructed of brass plates with baluster pillars mounted on a black oval wooden base. It stood on four legs. The main spring barrel can be seen as well as the fusee, chain, anchor escapement, and four-wheel train. The chapter ring is of brass layered with silver and displays the hours in Roman numerals. The two hands are of steel and coloured blue. The pendulum and a glass dome which covered the whole are missing.

This watch is an automatic one. The main spring is powered by motions of the wearer’s arm. The technology was invented by the Swiss horologist Abraham-Louis Perrelet sometime in the 1770s.

Art Watch: Stainless steel with 24K gold overlay and genuine lizard band coloured brown. It has automatic movement. Dimensions: Band: 9.5'' Length. Case: 1.5'' diameter.