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Kipling de Freitas

Art Jewelry - Greek Bracelet with Palmette Motif

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A gift of art adapted from a design in The Grammar of Ornament by Owen Jones (British, 1809 - 1874) who formulated principles of decorative art. He believed that 'true art consists of idealising, and not copying, the forms of nature'.

This recherché example of art jewelry is based on one of the Greek anthemion drawings illustrated in The Grammar of Ornament and features a decorative pattern of lotus and palmette motifs. Palmettes, derived from Egyptian art, are reflective of the Greeks' respect for nature and their regard for mathematical order and harmony. And art jewelry, such as this, would have graced the arms of Greek noblewomen. The term anthemion comes from the Greek word for flower.

The Grammar of Ornament by Owen Jones (British, 1809—1874) was a major source and theoretical treatise for some of the most important artists and craftsmen of the late 19th century.

Art Jewelry: Lightly antiqued 24K gold overlay. Inner circumference: 7'' and Width 1''