Kipling de Freitas

Greek Meander Bangle Watch

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A gift of art with a pattern taken from a 6th-century Greek design. The design meanders across the surface of the bangle as does the river from which the term is taken. In ancient Greece, the convoluted course of the Meander (also Maender or Menderes) gave birth to the term that, like meander in modern English, means twisting and winding. The river, which runs in modern day Turkey, empties in the Aegean Sea. The ancient port of Miletus (now Balat) lay near its mouth.

The design was adapted from patterns on terracotta sarcophagi found at the sites of the ancient Ionian Greek cities of Clazomenae and Smyrna (now Izmir) in Turkey.

Quartz Movement Art Watch: Hand enameled with 18K gold overlay. Hinged with a magnetic closure. 1.125'' Width; inner circumference: 7.5''