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Art Jewelry - Herter Gilded Age Bangle

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A gift of art that reminds us of the Gilded Age, this marvelously wrought bracelet is a fine example of the art jewelry of the Gilded Age. The bracelet, which is truly of the Gilded Age since it has an overlay of gold, is based on the carved and gilded ornament on a pair of elegant onyx pedestals (1882) which were made for William H Vanderbilt’s Herter-designed Fifth Avenue mansion in New York. These pedestals contributed to the mansion’s opulent decor, in which a contemporary observer noted, “everything sparkles and flashes with gold and color.” This is art jewelry that signifies the American Dream.

Herter Brothers, the New York firm (1864–1906) of the German-born brothers Gustave and Christian Herter, was arguably America’s top cabinetmaking and decorating firm in the late nineteenth century. Established during the Gilded Age, when wealthy financiers and industrialists were redefining luxurious standards of living, Herter Brothers created cosmopolitan environments encompassing every aspect of interior design for some of the era’s most affluent clients.

The Gilded Age is named after an 1873 social satire by Mark Twain and Charles Dudley Warner, entitled The Gilded Age: A Tale of Today which offered social commentary on the ills of the nineteenth century’s last three decades.

Art Jewelry: 18K gold overlay with box-and-tongue closure. 1.5'' Width; inner circumference: 7''.