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French Sculpture: Rodin - The Bronze Age

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A gift of art that shows the technical proficiency of the French sculptor Auguste Rodin (1840 – 1917). After the statue, entitled The Age of Bronze (also known as The Awakening Man or The Vanquished One) was displayed, in 1877, at the Salon of the Cercle Artisque de Luxembourg, Rodin was accused of casting from a live model. However, he was able to prove, by showing his sketches of the model, Auguste Ney, a Belgian soldier, that this was not so. It has been written that the controversy so generated garnered Rodin attention enough to earn the commission for the monumental group of sculpture The Gates of Hell.

Hand patinated bonded bronze sculpture. 14 1/4''H x 5 3/4''W x 5 1/2''D.