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The Trojan War's Seven Heroes by Goethe Tischbein

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This remarkable print representation of the heroes from Homer's epic can be aptly described as a cornerstone of German Classicism during the era of Goethe. Tischbein employs a concentrated and vigorous etching technique to craft a profoundly impactful and lifelike portrayal of the central figures in the Iliad. Presented from left to right are Menelaus, Paris, Diomedes, Ulysses, Nestor, Achilles, and Agamemnon. Tischbein's rendition draws inspiration from ancient sculptures, infusing them with distinctive character traits. The artist elevates the emotive power of these classical models, endowing them with enhanced individuality. Simultaneously, the vivid and striking profiles of these character heads reflect Tischbein's fascination with physiognomic studies. The tight arrangement of the profiled heads imparts an imposing presence to the portrait gallery. Only Menelaus and Agamemnon, positioned at opposite ends of the row, are depicted in three-quarter view, introducing dynamism and vibrancy to the composition.


The portrayal was used as an illustration in the book 'Homer nach Antiken gezeichnet,' a work initiated by Tischbein in Naples and later published by Dieterich in Göttingen in 1801.


The print is available in three sizes:

Small 16 x 11⅞ ins. $50.00

Medium 22 x 16¼ ins. $70.00

Large 30 x 22¼ ins. $170.00