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Tulipes Hollandaises Watch

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A gift of art with an haute couture pedigree, the dial and band of this delightful timepiece are patterned with brightly-coloured tulips in the same style as on fabric designed in silk and metal by Charles Frederick Worth (1826– 1895). It is ironic that Worth should be regarded as the originator of something as essentially French as haute couture. He was born in Lincolnshire, England. But his marketing methods for the exquisite evening gowns and other apparel that were produced in his workshop in Paris are the way haute couture (High Fashion) is conducted now. Complete finished creations are worn by models and displayed to wealthy clients. When a client selects a particular gown she likes, that piece is made to her specifications. The fabric from which the design comes is named Tulipes Hollandaises (Tulips of Holland) and was received with enthusiasm by both clients and critics on début. It won a prize at the Exposition Universelle of 1889 in Paris.

Art Watch with quartz movement: 18K gold overlay case with printed plastic band. Case: 1.25'' diameter; band: adjusts from 5.875'' to 7.875'' Length